Podcast Episodes

007 – Sarah Hansen

In this episode I take a seat on the floor with my amazing friend Sarah Hansen, discussing her journey into and through bodybuilding, long distance ultra marathon running, learning to love and nurture her body and soul, and her new passion and focus for freedom in all aspects of life. Touching on topics of health […]

006 – Jesse Baxter

Jesse Baxter is a man that exudes pure love, and throughout my friendship with him, have seen just how much he puts out into the world with his passion for simply loving those around him. His journey has not always been an easy one though.  Having to overcome incredible challenges, such as severe injury throughout […]

005 – Luci Power

Luci Power is Australia’s leading adult entertainer, escort, fitness model and our very own correspondent for the Naked News! During our discussion, we dive into Luci’s childhood, her marriage, motherhood, friendships and the incredible journey that has lead her to a life that she lives on her terms. Luci discusses her experiences with abuse, drugs, […]

004 – Alex Connor from Fearless Training

Alex is a driven and passionate trainer, and focussed on helping people change their lives through his training business, Fearless Training based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We discuss Alex’s journey that has brought him to where he is today, and his top tips and advice for getting there! You can find Alex on Instagram […]

003 – Robbie Oz

Robbie Oz is a man that is forging his own path, creating a life of authenticity and loves to explore both what’s deep within, and the incredible world around him. In this episode, we talk about Rob’s younger years, and his realisation that he was living a life of expectations, not a life of authenticity. […]

002 – Joel Birchley

Sitting down with Joel Birchley is always going to be a lot of laughs, and delving into some deep conversation. After running several successful businesses, and chasing money in the mining sector, Joel had a life changing moment that made him refocus and really assess his priorities. Now building a life of meaning and purpose, […]

001 – Rebekah Fusca From The Belief Edit

I sit down with Rebekah Fusca, life coach, yogi and business woman to discuss some key moments in her life and how that shaped the incredible woman she has become today. We laugh, we dive deep, and we explore some uncomfortable topics as Rebekah open up about past trauma, how she has learnt that pleasing […]

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